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NetPub is successfully working with historical organizations to bring their out-of-print documents back into print.  Most museums and historical sites have a hidden source of revenue within their collection of documents and books, and can gain valuable income from these underutilized assets. With our fully integrated, web-to-print solution, we can guide your organization through every stage of document production, fulfillment, and distribution, including:

  • Document Scanning
  • Book Cover Formatting and Design
  • Short-run Digital Printing (1-1000 copies)
  • Inventory Management
              - complete access to your print orders
              - order entry and tracking
  • Warehousing for Document Storage
  • Document Fulfillment/Distribution

Preserve a piece of the past and generate cash for your historic properties by reprinting your books and documents.   We also consult with organizations on new print projects, such as cookbooks, historical retrospectives, etc.

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