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File Creation

What media formats we accept?
  • FTP
  • CD/DVDs
  • Email
  • USB
To submit files to our FTP site or through email, please contact Customer Service.
Which file formats are preferred?
  • Print-ready PDFs
In which file format should I save my graphics?
  • We recommend TIFF
At what resolution should I save my graphics?
  • 300 dpi resolution is recommended
Why shouldn’t I use Microsoft Office to create my files?
  • Microsoft Office files (MS Word, PowerPoint) were designed to either be printed on a small desktop printer, or to be viewed on a computer screen
  • Microsoft Office documents are created from three colors (RGB-Red, Green, and Blue) versus commercial printing, which is a four color process (CMYK-Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black
How do I calculate the width of my document’s spine?
Our main two stocks are 50# (PPI of 520) and 60# (PPI of 444).
To calculate your spine size, please follow this formula:
  • Divide your page count by the PPI
  • Multiply the above result by 16
  • The final figure is your spine size in 16th of an inch (X/16″)

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